Thursday, January 2, 2014

365 Grateful / 365 Inspired

I found a wonderful video online that explains a very happy mini movement that's quietly spreading like wildfire. Enjoy, 365 Grateful:

You may have noticed that the title of this blog isn't just 365 Grateful... It's 365 Inspired too! It's quite common nowadays to look for inspiration online - through Google Image searches, other people's blogs, their work, etc. But there is so much inspiration available in our everyday lives that we're overlooking. This inspiration might even be superior than it's online counterparts, as it is personally relative to us; our houses, local shops, friends, family, heartache, etc.

Pinterest: 365 Inspired

Pinterest: 365 Grateful

I was posting these on my blog, but as they're random photos that aren't posed that nicely, I thought better of it. Instead my 365 Grateful and 365 Inspired will be on Pinterest boards. That way they're available if anyone wants to scroll through, but they're never in anyone's way, or clogging up any of my feeds.

I hope that looking for gratitude and inspiration every day will help change the way I see the world.

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