Friday, January 17, 2014


I joined a wonderful website called Goodreads that lets you keep track of all the books in your life. There's reviews, of course. There's community groups. There's a million different lists which are curated completely by user votes. There's also a section of book recommendations which are based on what you've marked as read, or wanting to read. Basically, it's a fantastic place where you can find interesting art books, inspiring stories, distractions: whatever you're looking for!

I'm hoping that I can help with the art and business related journey of reading books, which is why I put together a list on Goodreads of every single art related business book that I could find. So, enjoy skimming through the covers, vote for things you've read, and I hope you find something useful in here. (:

The Business of Art & Craft

The Business of Art & Craft

My favourite is Art and Fear. Be sure to let me know your favourite book!

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