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Annealing Information

Soak Time → 1" Thickness = 2:40 (Therefore 3" = 7 hours)
High Temperature Cooling → 2x Soak
Low Temperature Cooling → Soak

1 hour @ 516º
2 hour ↓ 390º
1 hour ↓ 50º

Firing Temperatures

Slump 657º- 677º C [1215º-1250º F]
Glass softens and slumps to take the shape of a selected form or mold. Note: small molds may need higher temperatures and/or hold times.

Tack Fuse 732º- 743º C [1350º- 1370º F]
Separate glass layers are fused together with little deformation beyond softening of edges.

Contour Fuse 760º-788º C [1400º-1450º F]
Separate glass layers are fused together, edges are soft and rounded, project surface retains the degree of dimension desired by the artist (any degree beyond Tack but not yet Full fused)

Full Fuse 793º-804º C [1460º-1480º F]
Separate glass layers are completely fused into a single uniform layer, top surface is smooth and void of dimension or relief.

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