Monday, December 16, 2013

Return to the Blog!

I haven't been on my blog in quite some time, which seems like a dreadful thing, but it really isn't.

I wasn't bothering with my kiln (b)log as the digitry that I purchased after graduating from school was right nutty. Recording the information from it would have been a completely useless venture, and would probably have led future kiln artists astray if they were checking a single post for information. So I did us all a favour, and I just avoided writing/thinking about that train wreck in my artistic life!

I'm in the process of returning the defunct digitry for a refund (yay!) and setting up an indiegogo campaign to help fund the purchase of proper digitry (hopefully I didn't pick an awful time of year to do it). As well, later this month I'll be purchasing a tablet with a data plan for promotional purposes at shows, so I'll be able to join the millions of others on the internet who post high-quality photographs of everything they can. My work, my cat, my dinner, my adventures - well, probably not my dinner, don't worry.

So, that's it really! I'm fixing up my blog and my website, and part of my 2014 gameplan this year is to pay proper attention to both of them, so I'll see you soon. <3

Until then, I'm always more active on my Facebook Page.

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