Thursday, March 28, 2013

Recycle Glass By Fusing It Together

In an effort to be as sustainable as I possibly can be, and to have one of those dream Polyculture Studios one day, I decided that I absolutely could not throw out any scrap (except maybe tiny slivers that were going to slice my hand open).

I think I had known for a while that I was never going to condone throwing out scrap - I've been saving bits and bites all year after all. This was the first time an idea had actually taken off though. I knew that I didn't want to just throw scrap together and call it a pendant because that can look really awful sometimes, especially when it's tack fused. Don't get me wrong, it can look nice, but without proper rhyme or reason I would probably just create garbage.

So I decided I'd do my best to stack different layers of color up, then I'd fuse it, cut pendants out of it and fuse it again. Ideally when I have lots of scraps I want to make a really thick stack, so that my pendants can be 1" or 1.5" long, all with different colored, mish-mashed lines!

I forgot to take a picture of the orange layer, but it's Green-Yellow-Orange-Green-Pink.

I don't have enough scrap right now to make a piece that's an inch of horizontal lines, so I'll have to suck it up and cut these babies up vertically! Should be fine.

My fused block of glass was actually this tiny amazing thing that I wanted to keep as-is and carry with me everywhere. I've never had just - a giant chunk of raw, solid color before, there was something really nice about it.

I really dig the way the bottom looks the most!

(Click to check out what the colour bar looks like on the inside when I start cutting it up.)

Wed March 27
Large Paragon
1) AFAP ↑ 793° for 20 min
2) AFAP ↓ 516° for 1 hour
3) 15 min ↓ 390°
4) AFAP ↓ 50°

*Note: I'm not worried about proper annealing since I'm fusing/annealing these again. I just don't want them to break while I'm cutting them!

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