Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lime Coasters

I finally started my lime coasters! Coasters are actually the thing that started the original citrus inspiration. I avoided making them for so long for a few reasons;
1) Cutting circles is a pain in the butt.
2) I didn't have enough glass to justify it.
3) I'd say I didn't have a screen made, but I definitely did have a screen ready, it just wasn't a very good one.

The left are the coasters, set at 4" which is apparently average, but looks a bit big to me. In the middle is a small kiwi test since I'm still having issues with black. Megan insisted this black would work (RW 95 I believe? 94?) but it didn't. It's strange that the black doesn't melt in, since it is the softest color and all that.

These lemons are so ultra bright that depending on the light you could mistake them for lime or lemon! I love them. Too bad there was only half a sheet ): But I am definitely making the best of it, don't worry.

On the left is a nice shot of the whole area. I think what I like about coasters is that they take up so much space, so I don't feel like I'm wasting a kiln run. On the other hand, if I ever wanted to make a lot (hopeful dreaming haha), I'd have to take my time and energy, which would be lame.

On the right side is a small test with a G22 blue that I meant to test out ages ago, but messed up at.

And a peak into the dark and ominous looking kiln. Actually I think it's at like 200 degrees in this photo.

Tues March 26, 2013
1) 01 ↑ 750°
2) 26 @ 750°
3) 27 ↓ 516°
4) 1:30 @ 516°
5) 2:00 ↓ 390°
6) 2:30 ↓ 60°

My sides were nice and round, however the long hold at 750° caused the back edges to get sharp, so they are in major need of coldworking, which is not ideal.

On top of this half of my pendants pulled up the kilnwash with them. I could not say for certain whether this was caused by the long soak time, or whether the kilnwash in that area was just done for.

The fused results:

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