Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Grapefruit Fusings!

A friend kindly pointed out to me that if I use pink glass, I can use the exact same pattern to make grapefruit. I really hate grapefruit so I never thought about it, what a great idea that was! So, the day after the last fusing I put these cute little babies in. I'm working hard to perfect the ability to center my pendants, but it might be a little while. At this point I think it will just take some experience, some time to get used to what I'm doing, and then they'll aaaaaaaaaaall be centered!

I didn't post these on Monday night because I was at school until 12:30 AM, and on Tuesday I simply forgot (ha). Still, I'm working hard to post things as they happen, and just edit in the finished photos later.

Mon. Mar 4, 2013

1) 01 ↑ 745°
2) 10 @ 745°
3) 11 ↓ 516°
4) 1:11 @ 516°
5) 1:30 ↓ 390°
6) 2:00 ↓ 50°

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