Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kiln Cast Penguin for Craft Battles!

On September 22nd I put this little guy in the kiln. He was a bit of a rush job, as time was running out to have him finished and photographed for the World Issues battle on the other blog that I co-host, Craft Battles.

His program was as follows:
Kiln 1 (soft glass, pillows)

1) 03 hr ↑ 120º
2) 10 hr @ 120º (He was freshly steamed)
3) 16 hr ↑ 600º
4) 17 hr @ 600º
5) 17:01 ↑ 850º
6) 22 hr @ 850º
7) 22:01 ↓ 516º
8) 25 hr @ 516º
9) 31 hr ↓ 390º
10) 35 hr ↓ 50º

Admittedly his annealing could be a wee bit short, I'm not sure. I was planning on enameling him in black, so I figured when I refired him he could have a safe annealing cycle. As the clock ran short and I realized I had no clue how to enamel still, I settled on brushing india ink on him instead

Check him out on Craft Battles when it's him versus a polar bear in a life jacket! ( End of Battle 04 )

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