Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fritty Kilncastings

I just ran up my first kiln of the season, isn't it horrible that I waited over 10 days to do it? So sad.

In this kiln I had my apple core, my headless man (well, asexual thing), a bowl, a tiny version of one of my diptychs from last year, a concave block, two handable objects, an odd swirly object, and a little thing with holes in it.

Sept 15, 2012
Kiln 5
(soft glass, frit)
1) 13 hr ↑ 120º (This is part drying cycle, part overnight hold)
2) 20 hr @ 120º
3) 25 hr ↑ 600º
4) 27 hr @ 600º
5) 27:01 ↑ 850º
6) 37 hr @ 850º (Extra melt to combat frit)
7) 37:01 ↓ 516º
8) 42 hr @ 516º
9) 57 hr ↓ 390º
10) 72 hr ↓ 50º

Some pieces needed topping up so I sent the kiln back up on September 20th:

1) 12 hr ↑ 850º
2) 16 hr @ 850º
3) 16:01 ↓ 516º
4) 21 hr @ 516º
5) 36 hr ↓ 390º
6) 51 hr ↓ 50º

Unfortunately, in the end I was still sorely disappointed. I had made a large amount of clear frit for the beginning of the semester, and even with a total of 14 hours of melt, it still looked hideous.

Orion suggested that I could place the frit in a flower pot, so that it will be fully melted before it makes contact with my glass, however the ideal use of the frit (to me), was to make sure tiny areas would be filled in. So, it's back to pillows and making my own chunks of glass in the hot shop for me!

One handable object, that I had been particularly happy with as a wax, didn't turn out. I suppose I mistook what it was and didn't put enough glass in ):

Out of the kiln pieces
These need a ton of coldworking

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