Monday, September 10, 2012

A Wax A Day

In this blog I have no need to post tons of photos of wax, but having said that, I want to relate my attempt to do one wax a day for the month of August.

I did not manage to do a wax every day, but up until about the 18th of August (when I actually went out for one night), I was extremely driven to make sure I met my goal or caught up when I fell behind. This resulted in a few things:
Jessie's bear
 1) I have pieces to cast, which gives me a good feeling of always having something on the go.

Holey Handable
 2) Even if only a little bit, I've started building upon the core idea that it is easy to just pick up some wax and start creating something anytime, which makes me less likely to procrastinate.

The tiniest fairy

3) I've had good ideas, and I've had bad ideas that have inspired good ideas, and I've created ideas that I'm not sure what the heck to do with.

Return to Diptych

4) I have had a lot of ideas, as in, I'm imagining I've worked out my creative muscle by straining it to create something every day.
Tea light holder / Paperweight

5) A wax a day helped also build the foundation of creating and following schedules, which goes just peachy with the foundation of 'don't procrastinate'.

The fox with unfortunately only one head

I'm sure there are some other things, but that's all my head has for now!

This exercise developed 'glass swatches'!
Some great waxes from here turned into a fritty disaster.

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