Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Glass X Penny Tests!

I wanted to put pennies into kilncastings, as copper is uniquely compatible with soft glass. We all know the copper content in pennies differs from year to year, so I ordered a bunch of pennies in chronological order and slumped a sheet of glass over top!


I left the last image in it's 'original size' to try and show how weird the pennies look. With all the glare they might look normal, but just look at the difference in size!

Oddly the pennies in the middle expanded and exploded the most, while the two most recent pennies look almost a-okay.

The conclusion? If you really want to use pennies, use the oldest ones you can possibly find, and expect strange things to happen. Otherwise, if the pennies are surface texture, just glue them in/on afterwards!

Also, do it while you can, because pennies are going away in Canada!

September 24, 2012

1) 1 min ↑ 750º
2) 1 hrs @ 750º
3) 1:01 ↓ 516º
4) 2 hrs @ 516º
5) 5 hrs ↓ 390º
6) 9 hrs ↓ 50º

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