Friday, March 16, 2012

Frit On Pendants?

In the future, I will definitely have to make one of those neat doo hickeys that let you draw with glass powder! That would be so very, very useful.

Whether I used the frittier or powdery-er color, it didn't fill in my cut outs well. Glass Tak was not good for fine detail, it just formed into useless blobs. I tried painting on Glass Tak, but after it quickly dried, it also quickly stopped holding my frit in place. I was not amused. But it's okay, because next time, I will use enamels.

1) 3:10 hr ↑ 685º
2) 3:30 hr @ 685º
3) 3:31 hr ↓ 516º
4) 4:31 hr @ 516º
5) 6:31 hr ↓ 371º
6) 10 hr ↓ 50º

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