Friday, March 16, 2012

Molds With Very Different Results!

Always, always, always remember to increase the size of the hole in a flower pot. Seriously. It will otherwise destroy Everything! This will be a very, very long post.

I took out after first firing, wasn't melted completely copacetic-ly. The needles sticking out didn't turn out very well, I think the glass couldn't melt in. The back edges were a bit rough. I need to remake this, promised Orion I would. (<- That never happened.)

Bubble Bowl
You can see the wax here.

There was a horrendous amount of plaster bits trapped underneath the glass balls, the solution? Soak the plaster, then use the sandblaster's high-pressure air hose to get that crap out!

The pattern - considering it had been uniformly spread across the entire surface, came out very, unique?

You can see the wax here.
Bowl with Square Patterns: It looks happy, but I'm not. Mold was clearly not level, if it had been perhaps it would have at least filled in.

Pass The Time

This came out a little shorter than it should have. In the future I'll have to really over-exaggerate dot/hole/circle textures. The paper towel texture on the other side is neat, but made the surface a little more opaque than I thought it would have.

Note for the future
: I should cast something like this in an open faced mold, so there will be an automatic clear/transparent surface opposite of the textured surface.

This came out just a wee bit shorter than I wanted, but I guess it's okay. I started off hating it, but the longer I lived with it, the more I fell in love.

Kiln 4 Program
1) 04 hrs @ 25º
2) 07 hr ↑ 90º
3) 33 hr ↑ 120º
4) 38 hr ↑ 600º
5) 40 hr @ 600º
6) 40:01 hr ↑ 850º
7) 50 hr @ 850º
8) 50:01 hr ↓ 516º
9) 66 hr @516º
10) 98 hr ↓ 360º
11) 124 hr ↓ 50º

That schedule is basically the same schedule I used for my kiln bowls, minus one drying step. After firing - and seeing the lack of filled molds, I had considered that the holes in the flower pots were too small, but between four different people I received four different theories on what went wrong (some including too short/cold of a melt time, and not enough weight to force the glass down). So, instead of drilling the flower pot holes larger, I sent my kiln back up A.S.A.P. and even threw extra glass into each flower pot when they were at full melt.

Kiln 4 - Round Two!
1) 10 hr ↑ 515º
2) 15 hr @ 515º
3) 15:01 hr ↑ 850º
4) 30 hr @ 850º
5) 30:01 hr ↓ 516º
6) 46 hr @516º
7) 78 hr ↓ 360º
8) 104 hr ↓ 50º

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