Friday, March 16, 2012

Silicone Demo

What You Need:
-Silicone type 1 (The stinkier and nastier the better!)
-Something pretty that you want to make a mold of (handmade or a found object)
-A marker
-A base to build your mold on

 So I never forget lol, here are the pictures I took during Paula's silicone mold demo! This is the silicone you want~

Step 1: Attach your object firmly to the ground (err plastic sheet) with the use of clay. Draw an edge around your object - about an inch thick - so that after it's covered with silicone, you can keep track of your object/mold. Mark ahead of time where you are going to make the incision!

Step 2: USE SOAP! Soap up your object. You also want soap and water to be all up your arms. Lest awful, awful things will happen.

Step 3: It is easier when working with someone so you don't have to rush. Keep your hands UNDER the water, squirt the silicone into the water. Knead it together.

Step 4: Pat the silicone onto your object. Work quickly. Poke any air bubbles with a tooth pick.

By the way, don't try to make a silicone mold of a brass object if you care about it.

Step 5: Push the material up, force it to defy gravity and do what you want!

Step 6: Use a sheet of glass to make a nice flat spot on the bottom of your mold.

Step 7: When you de-mold - DO THIS IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS! - You want to cut your incision line in a zig zag. Only make your line as long as it has to be.When pouring wax into this mold, hold this zig zag incision together with T pins - they don't hurt your fingers :D.

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