Friday, March 16, 2012

Random Sheet Glass Aperture Pour

I think Orion is a jerk and tricked me by letting me even bother attempting to use the spare sheet glass that gets used for lamination and cold working projects. In fact, I think he's super mean for suggesting that I do an aperture pour with the broken pieces from that failed attempt at slumping. Alas, at least I know not to use it again! (I'm sure that was the point in him letting me experiment.)

*Note From The Future: It IS okay to use random sheet glass sometimes, but it won't all work for slumping.

I also learned to check that I turned the kiln power on - because I forgot the power off on this, over the entire break week. That sucked because I went in just to empty the kiln and, surprise! I also learned to remember where you place your holes - if you have any on the side of your flower pot. Holes that lead to non-kiln washed kiln strips, well, that sucks.

Kiln 2 Program
1) 03 hrs ↑ 600º
2) 04 hr @ 600º
3) 04:01 hr ↑ 850º
4) 09 hr @ 850º
5) 09:01 hr ↓ 516º
6) 11 hr @ 516º
7) 16 hr ↓ 390º
8) 24 hr ↓ 50º

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