Monday, March 25, 2013

New Farm Animals; New Hobo Signs

Jeez, I've got new pendants going on already! Clearly I didn't have enough farm spirited designs before, so I had to go make some more up! There's an awful lot of bunnies, and no it isn't because of Easter haha. I just happened to find a fantastic source for different bunny poses, so who could resist?

Along with that, you can see that some of the black tiles have neat little stick drawings on them (cough, that means not the black tiles with horses). Those, my friends, are called hobo signs, and they're part of a project I'm working on. Each sign has a different meaning, and homeless people use them as a means to help guide each other through their respective towns. They do chalk images so that they can be changed at any time (I assume), because some of the labels are much more serious than mine. They can signify dangerous zones where you should run away as soon as possible, or areas where you should be prepared for a fight if you stick around.

My symbols mean the following (from left to right of the first image);
Top Hat: Gentleman
Two Vertical Lines: Sky's The Limit
Two Circles: Don't Give Up
Cat: Kind Lady
Circle with an X: OK To Hang Out (May Get Food)

Thur March 21, 2013
1) 1 ↑ 760°
2) 11 @ 760°
3) 12 ↓ 516°
4) 1:12 @ 516°
5) 1:30 ↓ 390°
6) 1:31 ↓ 50°

To be perfectly frank I can't remember the exact annealing cycle I used for these pendants, but I do know that I sent it to 760° - which is the important part to me. I don't quite like how rounded they are. Paul commented that there's something nice, almost more professional about the pendants that are still squared off. Not only that, but at this temperature the glass started grabbing at the kiln wash/ kiln shelf and the backsides all need a quick run on the polishing dremel. The other pieces didn't need it nearly so much.

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