Sunday, February 24, 2013

Third Stamp Mold & Trial Flat Sconce

In December I fired a third stamp mold, and also tried fusing together a flat sconce in the same kiln (one) - because it would be easier if I could pick up the texture in a fuse and then slump it later, instead of doing a stamp mold.

The flat sconce didn't turn out at all, and without the pressure of the plaster mold (oddly), it did what fusings normally do at 850 and it blew a hole.

The stamped sconce didn't turn out, and it took me awhile to realize it was because I had put in one sheet of glass instead of two (so there was a gap of space between the glass and the two layers of plaster). Eventually I refired this with the usual schedule.

I make no promises that I will find this schedule, as I have an incredibly terrible habit of writing out schedules but not writing what I'm firing!

A successful sconce firing can be seen here.

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