Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fused Tree Bowl Test

Early on in my second year at Sheridan I found some really wonderful glass vessels on Etsy, and they amazed me because I didn't know how they were made. When you search online you can find a lot of what are named 'coral' vessels, which are glass strips that were fused in a pattern, then slumped over (or into) a bowl form, creating the look of, well, coral. Some people add another step to this process by adding foliage to the rim of the vessel, and it looks wonderful. 

It occurred to me one day that I had gained enough know-how to understand how those trickier vessels were made, so now it's time that I try to make one myself! Well, two actually. I'm sure the design won't be very pretty since they're my first attempts, but it's still exciting!

Here below are my two questionable patterns.

Tuesday, Jan 15, 2013
Fusing Test
1) 1 min ↑ 760°
2) 11 min @ 760°
3) 12 min ↓ 516°
4) 30 min @ 516°
5) 50 min ↓ 390°
6) 60 min ↓ 65°

*Annealing times are exceptionally short because this project has to be annealed two more times anyway.

To see the next step in this fusing process, where the pieces are fused and we add frit 'folliage' to the edges, click here.

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