Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fusing Cracks

I pulled this schedule out of my head to help out a firstie in need. Her beautiful casting had cracked, and was due in a few days. I know that her cracks were successfully healed, and that her sides did not bulge out, despite the fact that they were exposed. I do not, however, have photo documentation, because in all her eagerness she pulled her piece out while it was still a wee bit hot, and put it on the table where it, of course, promptly cracked and broke. Oops!

And in case this information is important in the future, we fuse this piece while it was face down in the sand, not face up.

Mon Feb 18, 2013
Kiln 1

1) 08 ↑ 745°
2) 8:20 @ 745°
3) 8:21 ↓ 516°
4) 11:33 @ 516°
5) 16 ↓ 390°
6) 17 ↓ 50°

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