Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Citrus Test on Black Glass

Another quick test, mostly to allow myself to feel productive one Sunday evening haha. I also wanted to see how my thin prints would turn out on black, and how hard it would be to align them in the center one at a time. Clearly, it was impossible. While I do like the uniqueness of having a design thrown wherever it wants to be, I decided that in the future I'll lay my screen out so that 1.5"x1.5" pendants, butted perfectly against each other, will result in all of the pendants being centered at once. In theory anyway.

I'm confused about why I wrote the schedule the way I did, because I know for a fact that I was running these pendants in the Mercedes, not the Paragon. Perhaps it was to save on writing space/time.

Mon. Feb 18, 2013
1) FULL  ↑ 743° for 15 min
2) FULL ↓ 516° for 60 min
3) 1 hour ↓ 390°
4) 30 min ↓ 50°

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