Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Citrus Test 3

This was my third test with my citrus pieces. They're lined up nicely now on 1.5" squares, though that may be a bit big. It's been brought to my attention that I should really try drill pressing out circles instead - so I will.

The black I used was RW54 black and it reduced, unfortunately. Looks like I can't use it in the future, unless maybe I put a layer of clear glass on the colored sheet glass. Double the glass is double the cost though, so I'd rather not have to. I'm going to try G50 black next time.

Wed. Feb 27, 2013
1)   300 ↑ 1275° for 10 min
2) 9999 ↓ 900° for 60 min
3)   100 ↓ 700° for 01 min
4) 9999 ↓ 70° for 0 min

This schedule can't exactly be trusted - at all - because the Italian misfires by at least 60° - Megan believes it could be as high as 200° off though.

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