Sunday, April 15, 2012

Random Bits!

This kiln is way too full (I let two first years put their pieces in as well, but in retrospect I shouldn't have) and glass sort of melted onto the elements. Oops! Sorry for ruining an element. ): It was done with the best of intentions though.

Note - or please do not note - the fritty texture on the horse's hooves and butt, as well as on the tip of the dragon's wings.

The horse is a gift for my lovely Jessica ~ She sculpted the base horse while hanging out, and I was a lazy friend and said, "Hey, I'll just define the body shape a little more and voila, instant gift."

The electroplated dinosaur was a commission from a good friend in the states :D

This dragon was created simply because the bulk of an online forum group yelled, "MAKE A DRAGON! DO IT!" So, I did. I love him very much. He's, "Nameless the Dragon" !

Kiln 5 Program

1) 08 hrs @ 90º
2) 17 hr 110º
3) 34 hr 120º
4) 39 hr 600º
5) 41 hr @ 600º
6) 41:01 hr 850º
7) 55 hr @ 850º
8) 55:01 hr 516º
9) 71 hr @516º
10) 103 hr 390º
11) 129 hr

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