Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mini Glass Bowls

These bowls went through a trying time, like so many of my castings appear to have done. I didn't think the glass was melting, so I went, "Ffffff!" and threw extra glass into the molds - which created a giant and conjoined mess. Then I ramped the molds up to 900º because I thought they still weren't melting.

This would all have been avoided if I had read my schedule properly, and realized that when I checked on my molds they were at the beginning of the full melt, not the end. But this is how we learn!

I didn't trust myself, since those bowls did look pretty similar to what they were like near the start of the melt, so I threw them back in the kiln for another darn 75 hours (what a waste of time!)

This image above is my favorite. It's the best image of the bowl that has circled carved out on the inside, and in the background there's a decent highlight to show off the elusive texture of the blue/black bowl. Why did I do that darned bowl in color? Well, I guess for something a little different. It seemed a waste to cast all clear bowls.

Kiln 1
1) 03 hrs @ 90º
2) 12 110º
3) 29 hr 120º
4) 34 hr ↑ 600º
5) 36 hr @ 600º
6) 36:01 hr 850º
7) 40 hr @ 850º
8) 40:01 hr 516º
9) 45 hr @ 516
10) 60 hr ↓ 390º
11) 75 hr ↓ 25º

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