Friday, December 30, 2011

First Year's Projects

These six pieces are sandcastings from a project about 'home'. The story went something to the extent of: I'm in between homes, and it's hard to get out of the old home, the comfort of the known, the habits you've created, the life you've become accustom to, etc.

So the three pieces in the background are little wire people I made that are stuck to, I suppose their old lives. The two that have two people sprouting out - it was supposed to be someone trying to run and someone giving up.

 The three pieces in front of those sandy wonders are school locks that I found and cast glass over top of. It just happened, by chance, that I ended up with three wire tests and three lock tests that I liked, and that related to each other. Each lock-wireperson combo corresponded to a piece of the journey. From being forlorn and wanting to give up, to owning up to the duality of wanting to struggle and give up at the same time, to finally willing and breaking free.

Anyway, I like my locks cast in glass, especially since so many a person warned me that the glass would break, but so far they've survived for a year. I just hope the day they do break, the shrapnel doesn't land anywhere unwelcome.

The Two Sides
Or something like that, no idea what the title was! Since I am a bum, you can't see the other side of this piece until I go take photos to add to this post. It was a project based around lamination, cold working and making a damn cube. I actually almost have a perfect cube, there's only one side that's off. 

Anyway, this piece is a favorite of mine. It's layered clear sheet glass and this stripey pink translucent glass. One half has a bunch of (intended to be) nice, clear shapes cut out, while the other has a messy cavern of shapes and holes that barely lead to the center. On the center piece I etched in all sorts of secrets, thoughts and important out looks. It's about duality, and despite the journey (whether it be complicated or easy), being the same (hopefully, proper and right).

Turning a failed glass blown piece into something aesthetically pleasing via engraving.

Lotus Bud
Why yes, another favorite. I think both this and Lady Pineapple took over ten hours of work each? Really it's just because I had no clue what I was doing. :) But they were totally worth it.

Lady Pineapple is simply another favorite that happened by accident. My first kilncasting.

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