Monday, December 12, 2011

Kilncast Bowls

Attempted Christmas Bowl!

I grabbed recycled green and red glass to make this bowl, but it turned out pink and green! Suggestions were to avoid carelessly mixing color with texture in the future. Still, for my first bowl, I like it.

Positive and Negative

This piece, actually didn't turn out the way I wanted it to - in any way possible! I'm happy for the experiment factor though and knowledge gained. I used a handy little toothed tool to peel the wax off one half of the surface, then warmed up the bowl and wax bits and rolled them together on the other half of the piece. I then sort of repeated this process with the inside of the bowl, scratching up all the sides and smushing them together over the base of the bowl.

Now, what went wrong you ask? Well for starters, the stripped off pieces didn't look as nice as I wished they were, I wanted to roll over tons of little stringers, and that just didn't happen. Also, when pouring the piece, I caught massive air bubbles by accident (the bucket was a bit too heavy so I poured the mold wrong, I thought it would be okay though) - this resulted in an ugly bulge and a messed up bottom of the piece.

I would have cold worked off the bulge, but was afraid of how poorly any attempt to match the liney texture would be. So instead I've made up a story about how the ugly side is overtaking the pretty side, even though the pretty side is the reason the ugly side exists.

Clear billets
Kiln 01 Program
1) 03 hr 90º
2) 12 hr 110º
3) 29 hr 120º
4) 34 hr 600º
5) 36 hr @ 600º
6) 36:01 hr 850º
7) 46 hr @ 850º
8) 46:01 hr 516º
9) 62 hr @516º
10) 94 hr 390º
11) 120 hr 50º

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