Monday, February 25, 2013

Fused Glass Hearts Test

The SHED project at school ate up my first seven days back, which unfortunately was key to me, seeing as Valentines is now (or was at the time) exactly one month away! It looks like I might miss the chance to make sales this Valentines season as well, but no harm in trying right?

So what I made on my first day back to school were a few tests cut out of sheet glass, to see how hard it would be to make a heart shape, and if I should even bother. All the ideas I saw online involved cutting the heart into two or three pieces, then reassembling them. This might be easier for big hearts, but for little pendant sized hearts I found it was actually fairly easy to cut them out in one piece, then shape up the top of the heart using nippers and one of those little white grinding tables.

The results, if you scroll down, are actually awesome! The blue glass was crap to begin with, which is why the surface of the heart looks gross. The purple glass was scrap stained glass - I like throwing random tests in just to see what happens. The yellow glass was typical System 96 sheet glass, and it looks beautiful! At the most, I'll just define the dip in the heart a little better before I fuse them next time.

For the post pointing out the simplest way to cut hearts, check here.

Mon. Jan 14, 2013
Large Paragon
1) 1 min ↑ 743º
2) 10 min @ 743º
3) 1 min ↓516º
4) 60 min @ 516º
5) 30 min ↓ 390º
6) 60 min ↓40º

1) 1 min ↑ 743º
2) 11 min @ 743º
3) 12 min ↓516º
4) 1:12 @ 516º
5) 1:42 ↓ 390º
6) 2:42 min ↓40º

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