Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adopting A Bottle Slumping Schedule For Flat Fuses

I decided I wanted to try and reclaim some of the recycled glass that was going to go into the casting furnace. I thought if I could flatten the glass I could reuse it somehow in bowls or other slumping projects.

These pieces came out rather wonky looking, and looked a lot more attractive with the white kiln paper stuck to the back then they did when it was washed off. They were flat, but my ability to judge how the glass would look match up when it was flat was really awful, meaning there were lots of gaps.

November 10, 2012
The Italian
1) AFAP ↑ 1100º F (595º C) - H for 10 Min
2) AFAP ↑ 1300º F (705º C) - H for 20 Min
3) AFAP ↑ 1475º F (802º C) - H for 05 Min
4) AFAP ↓   959º F (515º C) - H for 60 Min

However I had to adjust for the fact that the Italian over fires by about 60º C. I decided to go down just 50º C to be safe. So my final schedule was;

1) AFAP ↑ 1050º F - H for 10 Min
2) AFAP ↑ 1250º F - H for 20 Min
3) AFAP ↑ 1425º F - H for 05 Min
4) AFAP ↓  909º F  - H for 60 Min

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