Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fruit Shot Glasses

The title is a bit misleading, I didn't actually create shot glasses, what I did was create small objects that had the negative space of a blackberry or strawberry inside the middle. It was a little bit fun, and very frustrating to try and clean the berry out.
Step One involved dipping the fruit into the hot wax and setting up some way to keep the fruit from sinking. As you can see, I chose to skewer it.
Looking for silicone baking molds? Try the second hand store.

Step Two was to cut out a rough shape and clean out the berry guts. I very much regretted cutting out only a rough shape instead of a finished one, as the coldworking was annoying. In the future I would make a master mold for berry cups.

Step Three was casting the plaster silica mold and then steaming out the wax. This is what the final mold looked like, and I think it is super neat. In fact, I really like the piece just like that.

I did eventually cast the berry in glass though.

September, 24, 2012

Kiln 5 (soft glass, pillows)

1) 04 hrs  ↑ 80º

2) 12 hrs  ↑ 120º
3) 15 hrs @ 120º
4) 20 hrs 600º
5) 22 hrs @ 600º
6) 22:01  ↑ 850º
7) 29 hrs @ 850º
8) 29:01 ↓ 516º
9) 38 hrs @ 516º
10) 54 hrs ↓390º
11) 70 hrs ↓ 50º

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