Friday, April 20, 2012

Sandcast Language Tiles

These tiles are an extension of the language I was working on earlier in the year. I have five buckets of these wonderful orange plastic things sitting in my room.

So basically, this is a little bit complicated to explain. The idea here, is that every tile has a word on it (defined by the half spheres and triangles). Clearly, you can't tell which word is which, and the fun trick is that you probably can't decipher what most of these words are. Even if you could, since you can put the tile upside down, or sideways, I'm sure you'll never remember which way is 'up'.

Now you may be wondering, "Err, why do you want words that your viewer can't read?" Good question. This project is based on the idea that these tiles are my words (and in extension, my language) - and that no matter how hard I try, you aren't going to be able to understand them.

You're going to interpret them the way you want - that's inevitable. To take things a step further, if you see the awesome orange pieces of plastic (reminiscent of lego), you'll notice that they can interlock/connect, so people have the ability to literally arrange and interpret my words and my art the way they want.

Added Note* In retrospect, this concept speaks of the duality between the fun of building and creating your own language, and the difficulties of having everyone interpret it in their own way.

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