Thursday, November 24, 2011


Make-shift molds! Why make six different molds, when you can make one big mold with barriers in it? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

When I was getting interested in keys but wasn't feeling productive, I bothered my friends to help make up some key designs for me. Unfortunately these didn't actually work out since they were too skinny to be successful open faced molds.

The Breakdown
My (Ex) Lover's Clumsy Hands
& Noct or Di?

Limits & Money Is The Answer To Things

Kiln 05
1) 03 hr 90º
2) 12 hr 110º
3) 29 hr 120º
4) 35 hr 600º
5) 37 hr @ 600º
6) 37 hr 850º
7) 45 hr @ 850º
8) 45 hr 516º
9) 63 hr 516º
10) 94 hr 390º
11) 114 hr 50º

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