Monday, October 17, 2011

Cozy & Aggravating

When I poured the plaster-silica mold onto Cozy, it leaked out the bottom enough so that the tip of my object wasn't covered. This edge was noticeable on the final piece and was coldworked off.
The glass was a mixture of clear and coloured frit. It was a red/pink/orangeish frit that was labelled Salmon Pink, and I believe it was supposed to be Salmon Pink Striker Opal (0305) - it turned out to be a rather hide
ous and blotchy colour scheme. <- Frit reacts oddly in kilncasting.

The colors peeved me off so much that I sand blasted the piece so it would have a softer look and feel to it.

Note: I should thoroughly mix coloured frit with clear frit.

i failed to mix enough plaster for this mold, but it all turned out okay anyway. The issue with a clay reservoir (which was unnecessary), was that I wrapped the clay around the wax, and thus had to coldwork it down just right.

I threw in extra cullet during the melt that was unnecessary, and hot!

For glass I used a random large black/purple frit and clear cullet.

Pictures of the finished pieces are here.

Kiln 05 Program

01) 03 hr 95° (drying)
02) 08 hr ↑ 120° (drying)
03) 14 hr @ 120°
04) 20 hr ↑ 600°
05) 21 hr @ 600°
06) 21.01 hr ↑ 850°
07) 29 hr @ 850°
08) 29.01 hr ↓ 515°
09) 36 hr @ 515°
10) 50 hr ↓ 390°
11) 60 hr ↓ 50° (room temperature)

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